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Official Dior Homme AD!! Full version + Uncensored Director's cut + BTS interview

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Full Ad

Uncensored Official Director’s cut:



Short Film

FULL Rob's Official Dior Homme Campaign Film... by Roboshayka_Forever

Dior Homme Website- Quick Guide

The Film 

Life is short,
break the rules
(they were made to be broken)
Forgive quickly,
kiss slowly
Love truly,
laugh uncontrollably
And never regret anything
that makes you smile
You are who you are meant to be
Dance as if no one's watching
Love as if it's all you know,
dream as if you'll live forever,
live as if you'll die today 

Robert Pattinson is one of those rare actors who plays with elegance and a certain casualness, an obvious modernity. 
Without any effort or posturing, he now projects a determined image, located at the intersection of one's dark seduction, his longing for authenticity and a desire for intensity. 
He chooses today to move where he sees fit. Free to claim cinematic choices as daring as they are sharp. 
He starts with identifying new artistic achievements, simultaneously as the Dior man enters a new era. 
The meeting was inevitable ... 
Filmed by Romain Gavras, he embodies a certain idea of masculinity against the current flow of ideas, such as his legendary seniors, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman and Monty Clift. 
A manhood where vulnerability makes their difference, and sensitivity their strength. 
It seems obvious he inherited from all those who drove fast, loved hard and lived with the only rule to be free, against all odds. 

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MORE #DiorRob pics added- Better quality

Pics are from Elle Brazil interview cropped and bigger. 
New Pics on top. 

Via RPLifeSource | 

VIDEO: Two Official Teasers From Dior's Youtube Channel of Rob's Dior Homme Ad!!

From Dior's Official Youtube Channel

Discover on September 1st Dior Homme Fragrance film starring Robert Pattinson, directed by Romain Gavras. 
Discover more exclusive contents on and on Twitter #DiorRob.

Click here to view gifs and screenshots of video teasers via RPLife

#DiorRob All pics, gifs, and videos from the official Dior Tumblr!!

Dior promotion week has started on Dior's tumblr and they're posting new & old pictures in better quality and gifs!! 

New Pics-


James Dean quotes that are part of the campaign-

Pics from Dior's Twitter and Facebook- Larger and better quality-

ImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload

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Carey Mulligan talks about 'Hold on to Me' and Rob with Grazia Magazine (Germany)

Is the project with Robert Pattinson still a go?

Yes, we haven’t given up yet. So far it hasn’t worked, but the script is fantastic and working with Rob would be great fun

Thanks to @lurker1510 for the scan and translation | Via | Via | Via

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Happy New Year 2013!!!!


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'The Rover' Gets Greenlight

Press release (Source/Via)
Screen Australia has announced almost $20 million investment in a diverse slate of feature films, adult television drama projects and children’s television series. The investment in 12 projects will trigger $100 million in production.

Features approved include The Rover, a futuristic Western from the producer and writer/director of Animal Kingdom, Liz Watts and David Michôd. Michôd will join Watts and David Linde (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as a producer. The film’s cast includes world-class acting talents Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce.

Screen Australia’s Chief Executive Ruth Harley said, “These four highly engaging and diverse Australian stories have huge potential. The Rover is a powerful well-crafted script from a talented team with an impressive cast. Anna Broinowski’s Aim High in Creation is a distinctive, ambitious film with a humorous and entertaining story. Felony has international breakout potential and Healing promises to be a highly emotional and moving story on screen.”


Porchlight Films Pty Ltd in association with Lava Bear Films LLC 
Producers Liz Watts, David Linde, David Michôd
Writer/Director David Michôd
International Sales FilmNation
Australian Distributor Village Roadshow
Synopsis The Australian desert in a dangerous and damaged near future. Eric has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him. And then he has his last possession stolen by a gang of dangerous criminals. Eric sets off on a ruthless mission to track them down, forced along the way to enlist the help of Rey, the naïve and injured junior member of the gang, who was left behind in the bloody chaos of the gang’s most recent robbery.

From THR

SYDNEY -- On the day everyone learned that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart had strayed, Robert Pattinson's new starring role was given the greenlight.

Screen Australia said it will provide production financing for a previously announced Australian feature film project, The Rover, from Animal Kingdom writer-director David Michod. The Twilight star and Guy Pearce are both attached.

Set in the Australian desert, the futuristic western tells the story of Eric, who has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him, as he’s forced to join an injured gang member, Rey, to hunt down Rey’s gang after they steal the last of Eric’s possessions.

The Rover is produced by Porchlight Films in association with Los Angeles-based Lava Bear Films, with Liz Watts, David Linde and Michod producing. Film Nation will handle international sales, and Roadshow Films will be the Australian distributor.
The Rover is one of four features, four adult TV dramas and four kids TV series to receive $20 million of production funding from agency Screen Australia, triggering more than $100 million worth of production here.


Screen Australia’s CEO Ruth Harley said: “These four highly engaging and diverse Australian stories have huge potential. The Rover is a powerful well-crafted script from a talented team with an impressive cast. Anna Broinowski’s Aim High in Creation is a distinctive, ambitious film with a humorous and entertaining story. Felony has international breakout potential, and Healing promises to be a highly emotional and moving story on screen.”


ATTN: Little by little the blog will come back to getting updated continuously. Please bare with me as for right now I will post when I can. I just felt that we needs some good news about Rob to be spread today. 

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Kristen Stewart's official statement and public apology to Rob- regarding her affair with Rupert Sanders.

In light of recent events, I felt that posting Kristen's apology on the site was necessary even though we are temporarily not posting. Kristen's statement it below.

A rumor has been circulating (since yesterady afternoon) that Kristen cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders (SWATH Director) on July 17th. As much as we thought that this was a RUMOR, and the pictures were photo shopped- pictures have surfaced of the two of them sharing an intimate moment together as well as an official statement from Kristen:
“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday.
Sadness and hurt is all what the Robsten community is feeling right now. My heart is so broken for Rob at this moment and my tears have not stop falling. My heart goes out to Rob and I really hope that he can overcome this heartbreak. 

News on their relationship is uncertain.

I really believe that their love can overcome this. I will always support Rob in his decisions whether he continues their relationship or decides to move on. Only time will tell.

For more information on this, please head over to People Magazine.

Source: People Magazine

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Happy 26th Birthday Rob!!!

It's that time again!

May 13th, 2012 
Rob's 26th Birthday!!

Another Successful year for Rob and his Career! 

We wish you lots of happiness and success on all your future endeavors!!

With lots of love,

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Sad News from the RobPattinsonScene (RPattzScene) Team...

Hello Everyone, 

It is with a heavy heart that I am sitting here writing this post but the site will be down temporarily. Real life has exploded on me. My grandma is really ill, I have a new business venture I am starting, plus my daily responsibilities I've barely had time to sleep. Updates have become very late in being posted and by the time I get home I just want to go to bed. I hope that as soon as life slows down a bit for me I can start the blog back up. Give or take we might be down a month or two. Please bare with us and continue to follow us on Twitter I will try to retweet news from other blogs for now. I hope that when we return we still have some followers out there. Again I am so sorry and it kills me to put my blog on hold but I have no other choice right now. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and prayers, thanks to all my followers- I love ya'll!!

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UPDATE 2/22/2012: We are currently still down. I was hoping to get things settled by now but unfortunately things are still hectic. I DO NOT WANT TO CLOSE THE SITE AT ALL so please bare with me. I am trying my hardest to start logging again. I miss it :(. Until next time-

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Longer/Better Quality 'Breaking Dawn' BTS footage from ET!

ET | Youtube | Via

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the 'Breaking Dawn' cast are schedule to be on "The Ellen Show"

Set your DVRs, Twihards.

Gossip Cop has learned that the entire cast of Breaking Dawn will be taping “Ellen” next month.

We’re told Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, along with the film’s other stars, will all tape the show on Monday, November 14, but the episode won’t air until Friday, November 18 when Breaking Dawn hits theaters.

Gossip Cop will update when we receive information about cast appearances on other shows.

Will you be watching “Ellen” on November 18?

Gossip Cop | Via

'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon Clip now in Good Quality!

For Screencaps and Gifs click HERE

Rob's interview on M6

Watch in HD HERE


Xavier: Wow. Before talking about the movie, what do you think of all this ? Is it always like this?
Rob: Not particularly, only at these events. I have the most ridiculous facial expressions when I go out. I’ve seen this clip a few times; I look like I have a problem.

Xavier: Is it like this in every country of the world when you’re promoting?
Rob: Kind of, yeah. This is the fourth movie now and nothing has changed. Everybody is still screaming.

Xavier: A lot of your whereabouts are comment on, on twitter? Your life looks like an internet reality tv show. Are you okay with this, or not?
Rob: it’s an unintentional reaction but yeah. I’ve become better at hiding over the last few years. At the beginning I was very overwhelmed by everything. I think I was trying to hard to deal with all this.
I’m starting of fit in, I don’t live in the middle of a city, and it’s much simpler.

Xavier: You’re living like a vampire, in hiding?
Rob: Not exactly, I mean I live in California so there’s not too many shadow there.

Xavier: Let’s talk about the movie. You’ve been playing the role of Edward Cullen for three years now. Edward is a nice vampire; he doesn’t kill humans and falls in love with Bella, a young normal girl, played by Kristen Stewart. For the past three movies, let’s just say that those two have been chasing after other, right? And now, they’re finally getting married, sleep together and make a baby. We can say that Edward is pretty slow at doing things but when he does it, he goes all out!
Rob: yeah, he’s very slow moving. It’s funny, there’s like, the first series which is all about a kind of fear of having sex, scared of something happening. But when it finally happens, they create a demon baby. It’s kind of hilarious, especially since it doesn’t stop young kids from waiting to have sex.

Xavier: The wedding scene, did it give you the urge to get married?
Rob: I don’t know, I guess so. I’ve always been … I’ve always like weddings. I haven’t been to that many weddings. My older friends are starting to get married. It’s scary in some ways but I mean you can still get a divorce.
Xavier: But if you have kids, you can’t get divorced. I mean, you can’t divorce your kids.
Rob: No you can’t, but you can have a lot of them so you can at least get a good one.

Xavier: Do you want kids then?
Rob: Definitely, I wanna have kids.

Xavier: In the movie, there’s this incredible scene where you perform a c-section with your teeth, don’t you?
Rob: Oooooh nothing came through my ear piece.
Xavier: You’re take the baby out with your teeth.
Rob: Oh yeah, definitely.
Xavier: In French we call that a ‘césarienne’.
Rob: Yeah, I do it with my mouth. I mean that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever had to do in the movies. I mean it was a ridiculous scene, in the end Kristen was crying laughing. But it’s scary in the movie, it’s very disturbing.

Xavier: What’s really strange is that despite being married, Edward always looks reclusive and misunderstood. Is he like you?
Rob: I guess he looks a little bit like me, I mean I look like a husband that’s been married for 40 years.

Xavier: What do you have that is vampire like in real life?
Rob: Nothing. I mean, I guess.. Cause I’m not really playing a vampire. I’ve always been told that I was playing a vampire but I‘ve always felt like playing a young person with a lot of problems. That’s how I always interpreted it. So I guess a lot of those, a lot of those translated into real life. But being actual vampire like, like wanting to kill people. No.

Xavier: So it’s the cinema that makes you appear as a vampire?
Rob: Hum, I hope so. It’s a very complicated industry. So however long … I love it when I’m still getting jobs. It’s completely unexpected after Twilight is not done.

Xavier: After four years of Twilight, you have to stop pretending to be 17. Is it scary?
Rob: I think it gets, It’s more scary when I have to still be 17 when I’ll be 26 next year. You see yourself in the movies and you’re like, you have wrinkles. I don’t know how much longer I could play 17. I could still play 17 when I was 21 but I’m coming at the age when I definitely can’t play it anymore. It’s definitely the end of my youth.

Xavier: It’s the end of your youth. Did this movie help you grow?
Rob: Yeah, definitely. In a strange way, I mean I’d love to have been able to do, to experience more things without being observed so much. But I’ve done things hardly anybody people my age have done so…It’s been an incredible life so far.

Xavier: Last question; is it true that you like Michel Houellebecq?
Rob: Yeah, definitely. I was supposed to meet up with him the last time I was in Paris and then I couldn’t do it but yeah, he’s one of my favorite writers.

Video interview with (talk about Breaking Dawn and Cosmopolis)

see it in HD here (second video)


NEW 'Bel Ami' Still + Release Date info!

Hopscotch Films have just posted via their Facebook the following info:
Hey guys, there’s been a lot of talk and online speculation about the release date of BEL AMI, which stars Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.We can confirm that we will be releasing BEL AMI in the first quarter of 2012, however the exact date has not been confirmed – yet. We will announce more details soon – you’ll be the first to know:)


More New 'Breaking Dawn' Behind the Scene Footage on ET!

Source | hd

New Robert Pattinson Interview with Fancy Magazine (Holland) 

Sad news for all Twi-Hards. With Breaking Dawn coming closer, the Twilight Saga is really approaching the final end. One relief: Fancy got the chance to fly to LA for an parting interview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. ‘When we were filming the final scenes, we all started crying’.

Robert Pattinson
‘Because of my fame, I think like a spy now’.

We heard that during a steamy sex scene, you destroyed a bed!
‘You are very aware, hahaha! When Kristen and I had to play the honeymoon, I totally immersed in the scene. But I need to make it clear: the bed isn’t destroyed. Because of the love bites with my vampire teeth, only some pillow covers and sheets from expensive, Egyptian linen are mutilated. But still dreadful.’

Have you taken a reminder from the set?
‘Hmm, let’s think… During shooting I stole the bathrobe from my hotel room for the first time, haha! But from the Breaking Dawn-set I haven’t taken anything away. While shooting Eclipse I did. I shipped some BMX-bikes from the film to my home in LA. But when the film crew discovered that, I had to give them back.’

Because of Twilight you have become a celebrity. Does that only have benefits or are there also some downsides?
‘Being famous is very cool! I travel a lot, I meet very nice people… But it also has some downsides. I’m searching for a home in London at the moment. While viewing the house, lots of strange thoughts popped up in my mind. Can paparazzi park their cars in front of this house? Are strange fans able to camp on my pavement? I think like a spy or a secret agent and that’s pretty weird.’

What are you planning to do after Twilight? 
‘After Breaking Dawn you will be able to see me in the movie Bel Ami and in the drama Cosmopolis. But what I’m really excited about is to start making music again. I play the guitar and the piano and between shooting the scenes I wrote lots of songs. So I can’t wait to perform again. The energy you feel when you show up in a full house: super!’

Read Kristen and Taylor interview at Robstenation

Rob Donated a Private Screening of 'Breaking Dawn'- To Be Auctioned at Go Go Gala!

Robert Pattinson has given young girls—and everyone else, for that matter—another reason to love him even more.

Here's how it came about: About a year ago, Pattinson donated a meet and greet with fans on the set of Breaking Dawn for a charity auction.

Not only did a Chicago family win the coveted prize with a bid of $80,000, but...

The money raised by Pattz for the Go Campaign is being used 100 percent to build a permanent home for PAGE (Program Advancing Girls Education), an organization helping to educate teen girls in Cambodia.

PAGE currently houses 12 girls in a rented facility. Sadly, they've had to move several times over the last three years because of health and safety concerns.

The new home will accommodate 20 girls. Run by Cambodian monks in Siem Reap, Cambodia, PAGE has also bought a piece of land large enough for its own vegetable garden to help feed the students.

And now we're happy to report that Pattinson is helping the Go Campaign again! He's donated a private screening of Breaking Dawn for 20 people that will take place in Los Angeles on Nov. 17, the night before the movie opens in theaters.

Guests will also take home a Twilight gift bag that includes signed posters, DVDs and a replica of Bella's wedding ring, among many other goodies.

Like last year, Pattinson's package is part of the auction that coincides with the Go Campaign's Go Go Gala. Hosted by Ewan McGregor, the fourth annual event takes place Nov. 10 at the London Hotel in Los Angeles.

The set visit was the highest bid ever for a Go Campaign auction. Will R.Pattz shatter his own record this time around?

We have a feeling he will.

EOnline | Via