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Robert Pattinson on the set of "Remember Me"

If you don't mind paparazzi video, Poptv just made a video (22 minutes) of Rob on the set of Remember Me!

One of Rob's regrets? Turning down a role in "There Will Be Blood"

“Breaking Dawn” was the longest book in the “Twilight” series, but Robert Pattinson doesn’t “really mind either way” whether its film adaptation should be one long film or two.

“If they can make it one script… It depends. l wouldn’t know where the first one would really end and the second one would begin. I mean, either way, there’s [more] movies to do, and people like them,” said the 23-year-old English actor, who plays Edward Cullen in the movie franchise.

Pattinson made the comments during an interview with HitFix as he’s promoting forthcoming drama “Remember Me,” co-starring Emilie de Ravin, due in theaters March 12.

As previously reported, “Twilight” colleague Kristen Stewart said that she thinks “the story absolutely warrants two films. But I think you could do it with one. It just depends." She also told HitFix in a video interview that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make “Breaking Dawn” in 3-D, either.

Pattinson not only spoke on films to come, but also ones that passed him by. When asked if he’s ever been offered a script or role that he turned down for feared of not pulling it off, Pattinson revealed that Academy Award-winning “There Will Be Blood” “will always be one of my biggest regrets.”

“I remember reading the script and thinking it was the best script ever. I just couldn’t do it. And I was so pissed off afterwards. I was gonna go into the audition, but I was just, like, I can’t do it,” he laughed. “Also ‘The Assassination of Jesse James [by the Coward Robert Ford]’ -- that was the other. I don’t know why I’ve pussied out of these things. I wouldn’t do it ever again.”

Lucky for him, Pattinson has at least a couple projects to keep him busy, with “Bel Ami” currently lensing and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” due June 30.


Robert Pattinson's character "Tyler" clothing up for auction

Tyler's shorts and tee-shirt. Can be bidded on here
Tyler's suit. Can be bidded on here

Like the Source said, I wonder if these are washed... :)

Robert Pattinson chooses Bel Ami Role for it’s irony!

In a brand new interview today, Robert Pattinson talks about why he was drawn to the Bel Ami script and the character of Georges Duroy.
"he kind of screws them over and steals their money and stuff. "
Do you see yourself trying to sort of make a big gap between Twilight and everything else you do so people realize there this…something so different from the phenomenon that everybody focus on?
More to you…

Robert: No, I don’t really focus on trying to do it, I don’t think. I pick scripts the same way, I think, that I’ve always done. I barely like anything, and so it’s kind of easy to pick your jobs. The things which I’m signed onto now are all completely different. Like I’m playing a white Comanche in one thing and the parts completely in Comanche. Bel Ami is, I thought there was a kind of irony in Bel Ami as well, because a lot of the women are attracted to this character and then he kind of screws them over and steals their money and stuff. (laughs) Which I thought was quite funny compared to the Twilight character. (laughing) It’s kind of the polar opposite. It wasn’t intentional, I just thought Bel Ami was very funny, and it’s a very interesting character. With Remember Me, I’d never done a simple story before, and it’s not that simple, but its playing a normal guy and trying to relate to things on a normal level it’s kind of relief in a lot of ways.

 Read entire interview here.

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get To Work In NYC!

How convenient! K-Stew & R-Patz both have movies to promote at the same time!
As you know, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart touched down in New York on Feb. 26. Yes, the couple are together in New York, where they’ve both got lots of movie promoting to do! While Kristen’s The Yellow Handkerchief opened in theaters Friday, Rob is getting ready for his upcoming movie Remember Me.
Of course everyone is on the hunt for the elusive couple! We spotted a swarm of fotogs outside The Bowery Hotel on Feb. 27, who were waiting to see if the two were going to show! Though we doubt it — last time R-Patz went there, he was hit by cab!
Even though they haven’t been uncovered yet, it’s still sweet to see these two supporting each other … outside the Twilight world!


*New* HQ "Remember Me" Stills & BTS With Robert Pattinson *Some new*


New Portraits of Robert from New York

Look at the smirk on this one ^ ;)

There are lot more pictures at this website...enjoy :)

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What does Robert Pattinson think of "Breaking Dawn" times Two?

Do you really want to see more Robert Pattinson? Are you sure?!

We kid, but something tells us the prospect of more Pattz may be a big part of your mass desire for Breaking Dawn to be a two-parter. While the fourth and final installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series has plenty going on—weddings, babies and, of course, a final showdown or two—the official decision to break it down into a pair of movies has yet to be made.

Kristen Stewart told us earlier this month that she's with you! She thinks the book "absolutely warrants" a double-feature and "it would be hard to cram all of it into one movie."

But what does the world's hottest sparkle vamp think?

Unlike other things, Pattz isn't allergic to the idea. In his true, laid-back fashion, he's just going with the flow.

"I don't mind either way," he admits to E! News during the Remember Me press junket in New York City on Saturday.

Two movies would mean extended action sequences (yeah, that kind of action) with K.Stew, so we have to imagine he really wouldn't mind.


Even more pics of Robert Pattinson at "Remember Me" Press Junket!

MTV via Source

MTV Interviews Rob and Emilie at Remember Me Press Junket!

Never A Normal Guy
Robert Pattinson tells MTV News why filming 'Remember Me' off the heels of his 'Twilight' success was so appealing.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Critical ThinkingEmilie De Ravin and Robert Pattinson discuss who's more critical of their onscreen performances.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Love Scenes and Modesty Patches
Robert Pattinson talks about how nervous he was during his sex scenes with Emilie De Ravin.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Love Scenes and Modesty Patches
Robert Pattinson talks about how nervous he was during his sex scenes with Emilie De Ravin.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog 

Love Scenes and Modesty Patches
Robert Pattinson talks about how nervous he was during his sex scenes with Emilie De Ravin.


Robert Pattinson at "Remember Me" Press Junket.


Robert Pattinson to be on "The View"!!!

That's right, the Twilight Heartthrob will make his very first appearance on The View on Tuesday, March 2nd! Robert dubbed as one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, will appear along with Emilie de Ravin, his co-star in the upcoming film Remember Me. (Emilie's also back for the final season of Lost as Claire, so maybe she'll have something to say about that too.)

Of course you know Robert as sultry, brooding vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. Robert (aka RPattz) is a 23 year old English actor, singer/musician, and model who was first introduced to movie audiences as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Later, his starring rol in Twilight catapulted him to instant stardom. The highly anticipated third installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released later this year. Robert who composes his own music, sings two of the songs on the Twilight soundtrack: "Never Think" and "Let me Sign"

"Remember Me" Premiere to be March 1st at the Paris Theatre March 1st.

The “Remem­ber Me” Pre­miere will be at 7pm March 1st, 2010 at the Paris The­ater in NYC


Rob, Kristen and Tomstu Arriving in New York




Source via Kstewsbutt

New Pictures from backstage at the BAFTAS



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Interview with Robert Pattinson in magazine "Studentmagasinet"


Studentmagasinet Met with Rob in London January 22, 2010

Some ask him to bit them and others hate him. In reality, Robert Pattinson is neither a hot vampire, or a jerk, he is rather an incredibly humble 23- year-old who is one of the world's hottest actors, right now. And we got to meet him

When you tell peple that you've met Robert Pattinson, you get different reactions. Most 40-year ol people, look at you with a questioning facial expression. But teenage girls (and those who have past their teens) screaming hysterically and often wonder if Rob is just as good in reality as he is on film. But most guys see the most acid one and sincerely hope that Rob is a shit boot because their girlfriends are hopelessly in love with Rob's "perfect" character, Edward in the Twilight Saga. "Most people have preconceived ideas about me", said Robert, when Student magazine hits on him in the roar luxury hotel Dorchester on Park Lane in London, "The funny thing is that many young, female fans confuse me with Edward and thinks that we are the same person. Which is to say the least diseased, given that Edward is a vampire."

Robert smiles and says that since he met several fans who have asked him to bite him. "Some girls baring his throat and begs and asks for me to put teeth into their neck. I decline politely but firmly and try to explain that it would hurt. The sexy vampire Edward Cullen and Twilight movies has become a mega success worldwide. "When we recorded the twilight, we had no idea how big it would become. We were in an old school in the middle of the woods in the countryside outside Vancouver, Canada. When the film came out, I and my cast mates became super actress celebrities overnight. It was bizzare and scary. Wherever I went Iwas met by fans who became so excited that they just stood and cried and screamed." Most celebrities of Roberts collaboration hates their fame. But he is more realistic than that.

"My fame has opened doors, I get lots of offers and I select accurately to avoid falling into a trap where the movie branch only think I can play a sort of role. Vampires are all very well, but I would like to show that I can play other kinds of roles, too. Robert says he admires Leonardo di Caprio. When Leo became a superstar in the Titanic, he took a break afterwards. He partied and had vacation for a few years before he went to arbeta. I admire him, he is a talented actor who has made many good films."

Robert does not want to leave. He argues that he would prefer to strike while the iron is hot. "For the moment I work in England with a film where I play against Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Uma Thurman and I have sex with all three! I could simply not refuse."

Robert laughs and drinks the water directly from a two-liter bottle. He wipes his mouth and puts down the bottle on the floor with a bang. Robert, or Rob as his friends call him, is commonly dressed in loose-fitting black jeans, brown wool sweater and black training shoes. He has a full beard, which he first red pillar with while he was talking, and on his head he wears a black cap with the initials LB in gold letters. "What does LB stand for?" "I do not know, I think that it stands for 'Long Beach' . But AJG bought that hat in Tokyo. Fashion doesn't seem to be Robert's thing. He says with a smile that he is an acotr who is more interested in making good movies yet to be known as a kind of fashion icon.

Roberts upcoming movie, "Remember Me" is a relationship set in New York. His mother in the film is played by Swede Lena Olin, who we last saw in The Reader, and the father is played by Pierce Brosnan (Mamma Mia!, and James Bond). In the film, Robert also has a younger sister whom he worships. "I have always liked to have a little sister. I have older sisters, but there is something sweet to care for and protect a younger sibling. Peyton List who plays my little sister in the film is a superb actor and a very cute girl."

Emilie de Ravin plays Robert's girlfriend in the movie, "Emilie is a really nice girl, we became friends during the recording. The guy I play, Tyler, is quite similar to me. He cares about his friends, is quite serious, rebellious, and believes in justice. When I was younger, I went through a period when I was mad at everybody and everything, but I've calmed down a bit now. I have more patience and tolerance towards people who think like meand who choose to live their lives differently".

Robert has become accustomed to being watched and persecuted by the fans, especially young female ones, but there is still great potential to be annonymous when you feel like it. Just such a thing as the rumor that he is dating Kristen Stewart, who is the female co-star in the Twilight movies. Both refused to comment on a word about it and they are seldom seen in pictures together, although they apparently hit their free time.

"It is important to keep a low profile. I can walk up the street, and skrutt clothers and beard, biting your nails and look down the hill. It's not a soul who will notice me then. I'm just a guy in the crowd." Robert laughs at the memory of how he did a bit on christmas eve last-second shopping at HMV on Oxford Street in London. "I was there to buys CD's and DVD's for christmas for my fmaily. The store was packed with people but there was no one who started talking to me or ask me for an autograph. It was a lovely but quite funny feeling to be so anonymous in the crowd. Moreover, it was extra sick because it was Twilight posters all over the shop with my face. Jag played with the idea to put me next to a poster, pointing to it and shouting "it's me!".

Sorry all readers who would prefer to hate Robert Pattinson, he's actually really nice in real life. He has the distance and his celebrity does not appear to have gone to his head. He seems to thrive quite well with life as a film star. But there is one thing that he does not. " I am a musician, and before I became famous I used to play several gigs a week, but I have stopped doing that. I do not have the times and since I have no desire to act on, it should be made for big deal out of it. If I were to make a small appearance, it would not be a small secret gig. it would be a great thing, people would shoot with their phones and upload it on Youtube, but I would not risk a lot of poorly filmed material with appalling sound ports where the media can put teeth into it and saw me as a musician and songwriter. I would not fix it, and then let me rathe rbe performing. In all cases, temporary."

Scans and translation: Gossip_Dance
Just to let you know, from the website that I got this from, the actress's name that Robert Pattinson Ruby Jerins who played Caroline Hawkins.

"Ask Emilie" - Emilie de Ravin talks about Robert Pattinson!


What was it like to work with co-star Robert Pattinson? Did you spend time getting to know each other before filming or during to create chemistry?
- Lauren Spratt

We had a really great time working together. Instead of just doing a scene and reading your lines, it felt like I was just reacting to him and the situation which made it feel very natural and un-forced. Probably the case because not only did we get along really well- we made a point of being on the same page as each other to do with our characters' relationship. Not reading over and over scenes, but more talking about them and our characters and finding moments one or both of us hadn't noticed before. I think really getting to know someone helps a lot with having believable chemistry on-screen.

Other than the Ally/Tyler relationship, which do you think is the best relationship in the film and why?
- Natalia Al

Ruby and Rob who play Caroline and Tyler-They had such a great chemistry together. Even though there's a big age difference between the characters they have such an adult relationship. Tyler could not be more caring and protective of Caroline and goes to great lengths to try and make her father understand and be there for her.

She talks more about Ally and 'Remember Me' here @ Remember Me Facebook  

Which Cover of this Brazilian Magazine would you chose?

Robert Pattinson may be on the cover of this Brazilian magazine,Atrevida, however you get two different choices when you go to purchase it. So Rob Pattinson lovers, which one would you chose ;)
I dont know about you, but I would DEFINENTLY chose the Rob one :)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: London Lovers

After he recently confessed to being romantically involved, Robert Pattinson was spotted laying a smooch on Kristen Stewart by a London politician.
The British council member named Nicolas Clark tweeted about seeing the “Twilight” stars at a local London pub, writing, “In The Marquis of Granby with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart.”

After a few hours and a few rounds of drinks, Clark added, “From what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips. R+K were acting like a couple.”
Continuing to enjoy time together while in town after the BAFTAs, Rob and Kristen joined up for a trip to Halfmoon pub for an acoustic session by James Walsh and Arno Carstens, with Rob’s sister Lizzie joining in on the fun.

Photo Credit: Getty Images ,

Robert Pattinson's Upcoming Appearances!

The good thing about Robert Pattinson coming out with a new movie — you know, in addition to the fact that he's coming out with a new movie — is that his ever popular face will have to make obligatory stops at all many popular TV outlets to promote it. While the "Remember Me" tour will be a bit less involved than the "New Moon" on was, we're pretty excited about all of the TV shows he is going to be frequenting. What's even more exciting is that most of the visits will be firsts.


Rob's first stop on the press tour stars March 1, where he will be kicking it off with a visit to "The Today Show." This isn't quite a debut, considering he already visited Matt Lauer while promoting "New Moon." However, we really dug the interview at the time, and we're sure Matt will pull out a great repeat performance.


It might seem surprising that March 1 will also mark Rob's first appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner both made appearances here for "New Moon") considering as recently as February 10 he "made" a cameo appearance. Hopefully Rob will be able to get back at Jimmy Fallon for all his "Robert is Bothered" skits, maybe with a "Jimmy Fallon isn't as funny as he thinks he is and that bothers all of us" one? Yeah, we know it's not as catchy, but we're working on it.


On Tuesday March 2, Rob will make his debut appearance on "The View" alongside costar Emilie de Ravin. ABC seemed pretty excited about it on their website news post, and they should have every reason to be. In fact, we're surprised it took them this long to find an excuse to get him on!


If old women fawning over our favorite Brit isn't quite your think, Rob will also be making his first appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (!!!) that night. In fact, we are so excited about this appearance that we aren't even going to waste our times speculating on how Jon Stewart will treat Rob. Hopefully however that appearance goes, it will blow our minds.


Robert Pattinson at Macbeth last night!

Robert Pattinson spotted last night at a pub called "Macbeth" and supposedly Kristen Stewart was there with him. A lucky fan got a chance to take a picture with him, although it didn't turn out very well....

Robert Pattinson's movie "The Bad Mother's Handbook" is being re-released in UK!!!

We've seen Robert Pattinson kissing Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga, and we've also seen him lock lips with Emilie de Ravin in Remember Me. We can never get enough Rob kissing action here at PopSugar UK, so we're thrilled to bring you this exclusive video clip of Robert kissing yet another co-star! In 2007 Robert starred as love struck teenager Daniel in The Bad Mothers Handbook alongside Catherine Tate, Holly Grainger and Anne Reid. The one-off drama will be released in the UK on DVD on 29th March, but for now, check out Robert as an adorable awkward teen giving his girlfriend a present and getting quite a kiss in return.

This movie is actually quite good! I watched it about a year ago and it was pretty funny and seeing Robert in this role was cute! Go watch it if you haven't already seen it!

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Picture of Rob @sister Lizzy Pattinson's show last night!

Robert Pattinson on "The Daily Show"

Robert Pattinson will be on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart on Tuesday, March 2. Gossip Cop confirmed the booking with a representative for the show.

Pattinson will be in New York promoting his film, "Remember Me"

He and co-star will appear together on "The View" earlier that day

As Gossip Cop previously reported, he'll also be seen that week on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", celebrating the host's one-year anniversary.

Fallon has had some fun with Pattinson in the past.

Robert Pattinson on his and Emilie de Ravin's accents

Robert Pattinson's Aussie co-Star in the drama Movie Remember Me, Emilie de Ravin, had just four days to adopt the accent of a working class girl from New York's queens.

"We went to Queen's for a little bit and tried to pick up something," says Pattinson

"Its nothing like her Australian accent. Her Australian accent, I can't even describe it, it's just's the most Australian out of every-one I've met"

The movie tells the story of two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they cope with family tragedies, Mel-bourne actress de Ravin, 28, a star of hit TV series Lost, was cast in Remember Me because of instant chemistry with Pattinson

"I read with a tonne of girls for the part and watch loads of audition tapes. She was the last person who came in", Pattinson says.

"It's so funny, the script is written for a Spanish girl from the Bronx, and she's the total opposite of it. But she did have it, as soon as she walked into the room.

"She was just really spunky and she had a real hard-core attitude about her."

Pattinson has another Australian link through Kristen Stewart, 19, who plays his girlfriend Bella in Twilight and is rumoured to be his off-screen sweetheart.

"I talk to her mum about Australia. Her mum's really, really into Australia," Pattinson says.

Written by David Murry

Remember Me is out March 11

Source: The Advertiser Thursday, February 25, 2010, The hit liftout, page 03

Robert Pattinson Nominated for Best Actor in Empire Film Awards

The first round of voting for the 2010 Jameson Empire Awards is now complete. We've sifted through the virtual sacks of entries and assembled the shortlist of finalists who will be waiting with baited breath on the night itself. It's not over yet, though. With the gold in sight there's still time to cast your vote and see your pick of the year's films and filmmakers lauded on Awards night. Let the final round of voting commence!

Voting ends 10th March

Best Actor Nominations

Sir Michael Caine (Harry Brown)

Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds)

Robert Pattinson (New Moon)

Sam Worthington (Avatar)

Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes)

Source via RPLife

NEW Deleted Scene From ‘New Moon’ via Target!!

I'm SOO excited!! March needs to hurry up and get here!


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NBC Bay Area Reviews 'Remember Me'

Pattinson, Brosnan Showdown Ends With Big Twist

The pairing of Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan as father and son in "Remember Me" has had fans atwitter since the cast was announced, but it's the film's surprise ending that will keep the buzz alive.

Pattinson is sharp in this beautifully shot film, and one-time James Bond Brosnan is in top form. Their thick onscreen New York accents might slip a bit in the heat of their constant arguing, given Pattinson's a Brit and Brosnan an Irishman. But Pattinson makes coming out on the wrong end of cop fights and cramped student living in New York look appealing, while the polished Brosnan looks perfectly at home in his big business surroundings.

But the big talking point when this movie hits screens next month will be the surprise twist of an ending. For the sake of maintaining the surprise, we'll keep the details short on this massive twist. Suffice it to say it makes "The Book of Eli's" blind-reveal look pretty tame in comparison. It's a whopper.

Popcorn Biz will have a full review shortly before "Remember Me" opens on March 12.


The real story about 'The Sun' article. What Rob did/ didn't say!

Gossip Cop has spent hours reaching out to everyone to verify the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shocker heard ’round the world.

Initially, we were told the interview was “a fake.”

We then contacted many, many more individuals, including the author of the explosive interview published in The Sun, “R-Patz admits: I AM with K-Stew.”

Unlike numerous other sites which took the interview at face value and never fact checked, including Hollyscoop (“Robert Pattinson Confirms He’s Dating Kristen Stewart) and HollywoodLife (“Finally, Kristen! Your boyfriend R-Patz ADMITS you are a couple!”), Gossip Cop verified with the reporter — more than once over the course of a few hours — what was and wasn’t said on Sunday.

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson “didn’t say ‘we are a couple,’” adding that “he wasn’t going to spell it out in great detail.”

What the reporter did ask during the post-BAFTAs dinner, where Pattinson was several feet away from Stewart for this Q&A, was, “Is this a public appearance together?”

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson replied, “We are together.”

When Gossip Cop pressed him on whether Pattinson’s response meant he and Stewart were a couple, the reporter said, “That’s my assumption from what he said.”

OK, so Pattinson never actually said they were “a couple.”

The Sun claims Pattinson “admitted” he and Stewart were a couple. But that is not the case.

This isn’t to say Pattinson and Stewart are or are not a couple.

But the claim that there was any kind of monumental admission or “fessing up” at the dinner on Sunday simply is not true.

As Gossip Cop has maintained from the beginning, it’s up to the actors to reveal when and what they want to reveal.

Gossip Cop

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Robsten "Together" After Hours in London!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not have posed together for the BAFTA Awards in London last night, where Rob presented Best Screenplay honors and Kristen won the Orange Rising Star Award.
But the Twilight duo managed to get in some quality time after the awards ceremony...
Robsten, happier together than they've been in more than a while, arrived at the Grosvenor House hotel, where the official, Grey Goose-sponsored BAFTA afterparty was held. Rob, who was "delighted" by Kristen's win, had an early call time today at 5 a.m. for his flick Bel Ami. But that doesn't mean he and Stewart didn't hang after the afterparty.
The good-lookin' pair left the party together around 11:30 p.m., as you can see in these pics on PopSugar. Uh, let's see now. Which bitchy but fab goss column has been saying Robsten's not exactly dunzo yet? Oh, the Awful Truth, that's right.
During Robsten's short stint at the shindig, all eyes were on the couple, who were together and in "deep convo" after the awards. We're also assured by our Twi insiders that Rob and Kris were quite "together" when shutterbugs weren't around as well—so un-Brangelina of them, wouldn't you say?
You can check out a couple of the tweets from Grey Goose and In Style accounts, witnessing sneaky Robsten leave the party together.
So...what to make of Rob and Kristen's overseas rendezvous? Clearly there is no drama between the couple, who have been spending time apart while working.
Kristen is still in London, so let's hope she and Rob make the most of their time together! Well, no need to just hope, we're assured they are!

Via- The Awful Truth.

New "Remember Me" Clip- At the Fair.

YouTube Version.


Robert Pattinson on the Red Carpet of the BAFTA Awards!