Sunday, April 25, 2010

“Eclipse” – what are you looking forward to most? - We want to know!! I’ll let you in on a secret.  I am most looking forward to the Victoria-Edward brawl and the infamous “leghitch” scenes in “Eclipse”.

However, there are going to be many favorite scenes for fans this year.  Below are some of the most remembered scenes from “Eclipse”.  Which one is your favorite?

1)      The leg-hitch scene:  It’s the first point in the entire Saga where some real lovin’ occurs.  Sure, Stephanie Meyer throws cold water on you* (or Bella, for that matter), but it’s some lovin’ nonetheless.
*The phrase “throws cold water on you” was mentioned to me in a conversation with Twitter user @kstewsbtrthanu.  Props to her for describing the scene so perfectly.

2)      The leg-hitch precedes one of the three most romantic moments in the entire series – THE PROPOSAL.  This scene should give every girl goose bumps, particularly if the wording is kept true to the book.

3)      The EPIC fight scene between Edward/Seth and Victoria/Riley:  Edward and Victoria circling each other, in lunged position, ready to pounce.  This scene should really have a lasting impact in the film. The choreography should be amazing and the sound and special effects are going to add even more dimension to the scene.

4)      The Cullen-Wolf Pack-Newborn fight:  The preview shows that this scene could be climactic.  We learn in great detail how Jasper teaches the rest of the Cullens and the Wolf Pack to fight.  Hopefully, this scene plays out with extreme action and excitement.

I want to know what you are looking forward to the most.  There’s so much more to choose from – the Quileute history by the bonfire, Edward putting the ring on Bella’s finger before telling Charlie, the spontaneous and uncomfortable kiss between Jacob and Bella… Let me know in the comments what scene you are most looking forward to!
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  1. chronological order:
    1.LEG HITCH *fangirls self*:D
    2.and the fight scene...because come on he was pushing a tree!
    3.and okay the new born fight because come on did you see alices cartwheel? plus jaspers bitchfightface! (eventhough his hair is epic fail of the year)
    4.basically every scene involving robward/emmet and other naked duded (taycob does not count we're talking duded not dogs...but I do like the rest of the wolfpack^^)
    okay so besically I am exited about everything but

  2. Definitely The leg-hitch scene and the proposal I mean when I read that part!!! Jeezzz hopefully they'll make a big deal of it in the movie that whole scene should be amazing!!

  3. The leg hitch and the Tent scene between Jacob and Edward...I think that's going to be priceless..