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E! Online: Where does Robert Pattinson see himself in 10 years?

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Eclipse Breaks Box Office and IMAX Records!!

It was a total Eclipse from the start.

The block­buster third install­ment of The Twi­light Saga opened to a stag­ger­ing $30 mil­lion on its first night/morning in North America.

It sur­passes the pre­vi­ous mid­night record holder, which was New Moon at $26.3 million.

The last film in the series, New Moon, earned $72.7 mil­lion on Novem­ber 20, 2009 to set the all-time open­ing day record.

Stay tuned in with us here at RPattzScene, we will continue to update you guys as the day progresses! :)

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Jackson Rathbone Describes Rob and His Eclipse Co-stars in One Word

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E! Special A “Twilight” Destiny

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Rob Tells 'Heat' Magazine There Shouldn't Be Rules to Relationships

ROBERT Pattinson revealed that his biggest accomplishment in the kitchen is making toast.

The star told Heat magazine that he could not cook, saying: "In London recently, my hotel had really good room service and I just ate the same thing every day - chicken tikka.

"I crave a home-cooked meal sometimes, but I only know how to make a piece of toast."

Asked about his views on romance, the Twilight star said: "There should never be a set of rules around relationships. Some people meet each other in a bar, sleep with each other that night and stay with each other for the rest of their lives."

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Preview of Rob's Interview with GMTV - "Would Rob ever go out with a fan?"

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Extra TV Talks About Rob and Kristen on Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities

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E! News: Wax Rob Arrives in Hollywood and More Eclipse Promo

Wax Rob at 1:43

Robert Pattinson's Interview with TV Guide!

New Eclipse Still- Angry Edward

NY Times via kstewrobfans

Robert Pattinson's Favorite Rapper

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Edward and Bella Pics from the Eclipse Movie Companion

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Are Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Definitely Dating???

In an interview with Time magazine, Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey accidently spills the beans about the true nature of Robsten's are-they-or-aren't-they romance:
I honestly don't think of [their relationship] in terms of business. At all. It doesn't affect our core business at all. The thing I do think about is, 'Oh my God, I hope they stay together.' Because it could be awkward on set in the next movie if they have a huge falling out. It's like, 'wow, they have to portray this love story through two more movies. God, I hope they stay together, please stay together.' That's what affects my day-to-day.
Well, there you have it folks: Rob and Kristen are definitely together and Wyck hopes that by quietly going public with their relationship, the drama of KStew and RPattz's relationship will fade away:
I think we're heading to that place where they are together and that's their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of.
Are you glad to hear that Robsten are a real-life couple or are you still suspicious?

What are your thoughts of this??? 


Rob talks about working with different directors and Tom Cruise with WGN-TV


Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the Eclipse Cast Talk With CNN

Made in Hollywood Interviews Rob and the Eclipse Cast


Rob's Interview with Greg Russell

Exlusive interview with Rob from NEW! magazine!

There’s always been speculation oer your relationship with Kristen. What’s going on with you two?

Kristen and I have lived a great adventure together with the Twilight films. We are very close and no-one can understand what we’ve been through the last few years. When we’re together, we understand eachother so well we don’t have to explain what we’re thinking. Kristen is a wonderful girl.

You’re in the middle of all the hype around the Twilight films- How are you dealing with it?

It’s not difficult to be in my position! you’re very well looked after and you don’t have to exort much effort to do anything. An actor in my position is very spoiled and so I have nothing to complain about! this is a pretty good life actually!

Do women constantly throw themselves at you?

No! (carly; Rob, I do NOT believe you, you little fibber!) But I’m not trying to attract attention, either. I also don’t want to disappoint girls who might think I’m very cool and smooth, which I’m not (carly; Rob do you not realise that you saying that actually does make you smooth and very cool? I’m just sayin’!) I’m still quite shy although that seems something of an attraction, too {laughs}

Can you go out and about without mobs chasing you?

Yes. I simply avoid going to popular places in LA or London and I’ve been so tired the last several months that I can’t even imagine going to clubs and partying anymore. I wind up going to be at 10pm most nights because I’m exhausted. I spend most of my time living in hotel rooms, reading scripts and listening to music or playing music with my friends. But recently I had chance to spend time in London whilst filming Bel Ami and I was pleasently surprised I was able to walk around without attracting any attention. It was wonderful! I can’t do that over here in the US. People tell me Paris is the same so I may spend some time over there, too! Sitting in cafes reading La Monde and smoking Gitanes. Actually, I’m trying to stop smoking so cancel the smoking part! [laughs]

Your female fans would love to know how your own personality resembles Edwards…

So would I! [laughs] I do bear some similarities in the sense that I’m not good at romance. In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella without any explanation because he that’s what’s best for her. We all make those kinds of blunders in our romantic lives. It’s happened in the past where I broke up with a girl because I just didn’t think it was going to work out between us. And i’ve been been dumped without explanation aswell. I also think I lack basic finesse when it comes to women. I give up too easily even if I am attracted to someone.

why do you think people are so obsessed with the Twilight movies?

There’s a tremendous anticiaption with when Edward and Bella are going to become lovers. That’s the great excitement about watching their story evolve and seeing where it leads them. You want the anticipation to be almost unbearable and in Eclipse Edward is more open and sure of himself. He’s also more vulnerable now and less severe about everything. That made it much more interesting for me as an actor in this film, where Edward can show sides of himself and just look pale and grim.

In your recent film, Remember Me, you play and angry teenager. Were you a rebel at that age?

I don’t think I was angry as a teenager, although I will confess to being confused and frustrated. I suppose I had my moments of existential rebellion and could be a bit of a pain at times. For the most part, I think It takes time to find ones identity and define ones ambitions and goals in life, My experience wasn’t that different from most of my friends, I wanted to change the world, make things better, make my mark. Then you grow ubored with being disillusioned and alienated and now I’m trying to enjoy things more, it’s less stressful! You don’t have to change the world to be happy.

Are you concerned about your fame getting in the way of being seen as a proper actor?

You look at how people are judged in the public. The majority of the people who get beaten by it are the people who are seen all the time. So the less you’re seen the you’re alright. As long as you keep attempting to make quality films then eventually your name starts with something other than “meaningless celebrity”. It’s a difficult battle to make more that your celebrity, people like Johnny Depp have done that. He’s not judged at all for his public image, just his work is judged. It’s a lot of discipline and a lot of hiding.

When you look back at this time in your life then years from now, what will you think of it all?

That this was wonderfully insane time in my life that was actually a lot less fun than maybe should have been for me. I think I’m only just beginning to enjoy everything about it!

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Taylor Lautner on Swapping Spit with Robert Pattinson

The real danger on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse didn't involve vampires or werewolves. It was all the flying saliva.

"We're always like an inch away from each other's faces, screaming at each other, spitting at each other in the face. It gets a little awkward," Taylor Lautner told PEOPLE of costar Robert Pattinson at Monday's Cinema Society and Piaget-hosted screening of their latest Twilight film in New York.

Did Pattinson have to duck any major projectiles? "Not anything super dramatic," Lautner says, "but I'm sure he caught a couple splats."

Shouting at each other doesn't come naturally for two guys who don't, in real life, despise each other. And so, the scenes often veer into laughter. "Rob and I ruin a lot of takes," Lautner admits. "It's hard to keep a straight face, because we actually like each other. So, it's pretty funny."

With Pattinson filming Water for Elephants, Lautner, 18, was joined at the screening by costar Kristen Stewart, 20. Both actors said they've been enjoying some relatively quiet time recently.

Lautner said he's been following the World Cup – "I was rooting for the U.S., and that was a bummer," he says – while Stewart has been indulging her passion for music and cooking. "I'm fairly obsessed with [indie rocker] Jenny Lewis right now," she admits. "I'm in a state of grief because I'm missing her show in L.A."

But the cooking is going well – and it sounds like Stewart is being resourceful. "I like making pies," she says. "I have a bunch of fruit trees in my backyard. My loquat tree sprouted, and I like making loquat pie. They're really hard to peel and everything, and it took me forever, but they make the best pies. They're amazing."

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New Eclipse TV Spot: "Something's Wrong"

It is a bit Low quailty, but will post HQ when available!


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Who's the Hottest Bachelor: Rob or Leo?

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New Eclipse Scene - Graduation Party

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Robert Pattinson Lets The Blogging Community Have It And Gains A New Fan In The Process

I had hoped to cover this last week, but wasn’t able to fit it in. “Eclipse” stars Robert Pat­tin­son and Kris­ten Stew­art gave an inter­view to EW’s Hol­ly­wood Insider on Wednes­day. In it, Pat­tin­son fired out some crit­i­cal state­ments about the cul­ture of online enter­tain­ment news report­ing. It’s best if you just read it in his own words, but here’s some gen­eral con­text: Stew­art recently com­pared paparazzi intru­sions on celebrity pri­vate lives to rape, draw­ing a fair amount of heat from pop cul­ture observers. Said Pattinson:

“None of those [sex­ual assault aware­ness] asso­ci­a­tions came out and gave a state­ment [crit­i­ciz­ing Kris­ten] with­out being called upon by the media first — who were doing it specif­i­cally to get hits on their web­sites. That whole sys­tem of Inter­net jour­nal­ists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these peo­ple get away with doing it because they have no respon­si­bil­ity to any­one. All they need is to get a sala­cious head­line and peo­ple click on it, because it’s easy. And it’s quite good being part of these Twi­light films because you have to give so many inter­views all the time, you can defend your­self. That’s the only way. All of us stick together, as well. There are so many lit­tle nerds behind their com­put­ers, on their lit­tle blogs.

“I’ve got to admit, the dude makes an elo­quent point. I’m not a “Twi­light” fan, so the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate really doesn’t hold much inter­est for me. But after read­ing this… is it okay if I side with Team Robert?

While I don’t nec­es­sar­ily think that the sum total of enter­tain­ment report­ing on the Inter­net is fueled by hate — I chal­lenge you read­ers to pin­point any MTV con­tent that casts asper­sions sim­ply to make good head­lines — I think a fair por­tion of it is, espe­cially when you delve fur­ther into the fan­per­son com­mu­nity. Some of these out­lets take their feel­ings to the next level, verg­ing on par­ody with their treat­ments of cer­tain news items. Film­Drunk is par­tic­u­larly good at this, and I urge you to check them out if you haven’t.

I think some of it, as it relates to “Twi­light” specif­i­cally, is purely reac­tionary. There are a lot of fan­per­sons out there who take umbrage at the vast­ness of the Twi­lighter fan com­mu­nity. It cre­ates an inter­est­ing sce­nario, since many of the peo­ple cast­ing scorn down on fans of Stephe­nie Meyer’s vam­pire uni­verse are them­selves obses­sive about one geek-friendly fran­chise or another (or more). This in turn gives a lot of the hate Pat­tin­son is refer­ring to an ironic spin.

Look, it’s easy to spout nasty sen­ti­ments on the Inter­net. Excep­tion­ally easy. The peo­ple you’re speak­ing ill can’t really track you down, and even if they could they prob­a­bly won’t. I’m not call­ing for that atti­tude to stop because, frankly, it won’t. But I do think that Pattinson’s remarks amount to an elo­quently stated point, one that bears fur­ther examination.

And so I put the ques­tion to you read­ers? Do you think there’s too much neg­a­tive spin in the enter­tain­ment report­ing com­mu­nity? Does it ever bother you? Do you think “Twi­light” has been the unfair tar­get too frequently?

Forbes: The Power of Twilight


Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with Los 40 Principales

Forbes' Magazine Cover! Rob and Kristen Make The Cover!!

The films also created three insanely popular movie stars: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Pattinson makes his debut on the Forbes Celebrity 100 this year in 50th place with $17 million in earnings. Most of that is from the Twilight films where he plays vampire Edward Cullen. But Pattinson also starred in the film Remember Me, which was a modest success at the box office, and he’ll appear in the film adaptation of Water for Elephants opposite Reese Witherspoon in 2011.

Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, also debuts on the list this year. Because Stewart has fewer non-Twilight projects than Pattinson (her only other recent work was in the tiny film The Runaways where she starred as Joan Jett) she earned $12 million between June 2009 and June 2010, ranking 66th on our list.

Both stars were paid relatively little for their initial work on the films but they have become indispensable to the Twilight franchise. That means they can both ask for pay raises for upcoming movies. The final book, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two films, which will give Stewart and Pattinson the opportunity to double their upfront pay for their final Twilight work.

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Jimmy Fallon Tells all Why He Is Team Edward!


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Popsugar Brings Us Robert Pattinson Red Carpet Yumminess Through The Years

Allen Coulter, 'Remember Me' director, explains why Rob was the perfect Tyler

There is an elephant in the room, metaphorically. He is a most handsome, most famous, most perplexing elephant. His name is Robert Pattinson, a superstar among Twi-hards who follow his every breathless, bloodless moment in the Twilight series.

But "the room" is an American indie film called Remember Me, beautifully crafted with an air of thoughtful melancholy by director Allen Coulter. This is the story of a New York university student estranged from his wealthy father, in trouble with cops, and intrigued by the daughter of one detective who has already smashed his face in during an alley fight. The film just debuted on DVD following its modest theatrical run, timed to coincide with Friday's release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

In Remember Me, Pattinson gets to play a real human being in a romantic drama populated by other functioning humans. They are flawed, complex, interesting people played by Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, wonderful child actress Ruby Jerins and Australian discovery Emile de Ravin as the object of Pattinson's burning desire. No one drinks blood, although this saga is rife with tragedy.

Coulter, a New Yorker, is on the phone explaining how Pattinson, already cast in the first Twilight, was eager to find an antidote -- something radically different -- even before its release. Executives at Summit Entertainment, producers of Twilight, were looking to help out.

"Honestly," Coulter recalls of an early luncheon meeting with Pattinson, "he was not known, Twilight had not been released and there was no way to see it. We just knew he was interested. Sitting in front of us was a guy who was scruffy, intense, charming, unpretentious."

Pattinson was freshly returned from Mexico and astonished because he had been besieged "by 50 girls at the airport," future Twi-hards who knew him from pre-release publicity. "Little did he know that this was not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg," Coulter says, laughing. "Nor did we."

After lunch, Coulter told producer Nicholas Osborne: "I don't know why but I have the instinct that this guy could do it." It would also clinch the production deal because Summit would commit to the $16 million budget. "Clearly," Coulter says now, "that's not lost on a director. That certainly gets your attention. But, if we didn't think he was right, we would have said no."

The "yes" came, Coulter recalls, "because he seemed to understand the role. He had the kind of scruffy attractiveness we needed and a hidden intensity. He was kind of secretive in a way that I thought was kind of interesting, given who his character is and how he's conflicted about his father. So we said: 'Let's just take a flier!'

"It was after that I saw Twilight and had to admit that, if I had seen it before, just because it is so radically different, I might have hesitated."

The Twilight films, Coulter says, are like silent movies and Pattinson is like 1920s star Rudolf Valentino. Pattinson was also about to go viral. "It might have given me pause because someone that famous brings a certain amount of baggage."

One problem now might be typecasting. "There will be people who cannot accept that this young man is doing something different from Twilight," Coulter says. "Or they may have an attitude about Twilight and about his fame, about his face being on the cover of magazines, and that may influence how they see the movie.

"That is something that, in my opinion, the movie will outlive and, at that point, people will simply see it as a young man in a role. And, in my opinion, I think he is perfect for the role."

Americans not in the mood

Remember Me, which co-stars Robert Pattinson and Emile de Ravin along with a rogues gallery of great character actors, is a romantic tragedy -- not a romantic comedy. That already makes it different from most Hollywood movies, especially with its melancholic mood.

"I didn't think of it as daring," says American director Allen Coulter. "But it's not a mood that most Americans necessarily sign up for. I just thought it was true to the story."

Indeed, Americans did not sign up. Remember Me earned $55 million worldwide, just $19 million of that in North America despite the star power of Twilight star Pattinson (he was cast before Twilight was released and became famous during the Remember Me shoot). Remember Me, like other challenging films that look at youth romance in an intelligent way, is now looking for its audience on DVD.

Remember Me includes reference to 9/11. "It just seemed like the ultimate version of what this whole story was about," Coulter says, "which is the event that shatters your life and changes its direction. It was a gamble, to be honest, and one that I wrestled with really until the film was finished. But it was a gamble that I was also willing to take."

Any American filmmaker who even mentions 9/11 within a fictional story is taking a risk because many people are still so sensitive about the subject. "For some, it was something that they wish I had not done," Coulter admits. "And, for others, I think it worked in the way I intended. But everybody felt the need to be as respectful and delicate as possible."

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Debut On Forbes ‘World’s Most Powerful Celebrity’ List

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
The third installment of “The Twilight Saga” premieres on Wednesday, but already Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are two of the world’s most powerful celebrities, according to Forbes Magazine.

The on-screen couple, who are rumored to be a pair off-screen as well, debut on the coveted list for the first time, with Robert taking spot #50 and Kristen trailing at #66.

Oprah Winfrey, who was trumped by Angelina Jolie last year, reclaimed her #1 spot on the annual Forbes list with earnings of $315 million.

Other newcomers to the list included Lady Gaga who appeared in the #4 spot with earnings of $62 million, as well as James Cameron who thanks to “Avatar” earned #3 spot with $210 million in earnings.

Additional first time appearances included Conan O’Brien (#51), the Black Eyed Peas (#16), Robert Downey, Jr. (#73), and Chelsea Handler (#98).

Sandra Bullock, who had a rough year in her personal life, scored high on the list professionally, earning the #8 spot with $56 million in earnings.

Access Hollywood

Robert Pattinson Debut On Forbes ‘World’s Most Powerful Celebrity’ List

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The third install­ment of “The Twi­light Saga” pre­mieres on Wednes­day, but already Robert Pat­tin­son and Kris­ten Stew­art are two of the world’s most pow­er­ful celebri­ties, accord­ing to Forbes Magazine.

The on-screen cou­ple, who are rumored to be a pair off-screen as well, debut on the cov­eted list for the first time, with Robert tak­ing spot #50 and Kris­ten trail­ing at #66.

Oprah Win­frey, who was trumped by Angelina Jolie last year, reclaimed her #1 spot on the annual Forbes list with earn­ings of $315 million.

Other new­com­ers to the list included Lady Gaga who appeared in the #4 spot with earn­ings of $62 mil­lion, as well as James Cameron who thanks to “Avatar” earned #3 spot with $210 mil­lion in earnings.

Addi­tional first time appear­ances included Conan O’Brien (#51), the Black Eyed Peas (#16), Robert Downey, Jr. (#73), and Chelsea Han­dler (#98).

San­dra Bul­lock, who had a rough year in her per­sonal life, scored high on the list pro­fes­sion­ally, earn­ing the #8 spot with $56 mil­lion in earnings

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RPattzScene Blogger Interviews Rob and the Eclipse Cast

Some parts from old press junkets, but a lot of new stuff from the Eclipse press junket


'She Knows' Interview with Robert Pattinson- 10 Questions.

Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen. With the third chapter of the Twilight series, Eclipse, hitting theaters June 30, Robert Pattinson in person is as smoldering as he is on screen as Edward Cullen.
Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen
In Eclipse, Pattinson’s Edward has grown more into his vampire skin. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star sat down with SheKnows at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, and was dressed casually and had a new haircut! What would Edward think?
"I didn’t even think about that," Robert Pattinson said and laughed. "Vampires can get haircuts. Can’t they?"

Robert Pattinson dishes Eclipse

SheKnows: Taylor Lautner, as Jacob, has the best line in the film when he says, "I’m hotter than you." How badly did you want a comeback line?

Robert Pattinson: [Laughing] There’s nothing you can say. "Yeah, you are!" or "At least I’m not hotter than you!" I don’t know. Yeah, it was quite fun. Jacob has quite a few catch phrase type of lines, with me especially. For some reason, I find it quite funny when I’m doing stuff with Taylor.

SheKnows: You get to work with Taylor Lautner more in Eclipse than in the past. Although you are at each other’s throats, so to speak, working with Taylor more closely must have been a nice change.

Robert Pattinson: There are a couple confrontational scenes, where I push him around a little bit, and I thought I’d really scare him and grab him, and it would freak him out and turn the whole scene upside down. Then, I grabbed his shoulder and it was too big to actually get a grip on, so I just dropped my hand [laughs]. It was embarrassing. I got him badly, though. He kept having to dress up in a little gray spandex wolf suit and try to be intimidating with Kristen patting him on the head. That was quite fun.
Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson in Eclipse
SheKnows: You and Kristen Stewart bring so much to any film you’re working on, how does your process differ when preparing for Eclipse and frankly, the entire Twilight Saga?

Robert Pattinson: For some reason, I can’t understand anything and I think I’m going really into the depth of the character, when it just seems so obvious to Kristen. Her mind works completely differently. She can just feel things immediately, and I like to be more cerebral about things, in completely the opposite way of Kristen. I don’t feel confident unless I know more about the reasons why I’m doing things. I don’t really do that for other parts. That’s what I do for Edward.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: The obsession

SheKnows: Do you two understand why there is an obsession about whether or not you and Kristen Stewart are dating in real life?

Robert Pattinson: No, not really. Well, I guess people like stories. My basic conclusion is that they just want everything to be about Twilight.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Eclipse
SheKnows: You were on the first soundtrack and when we spoke for the first Twilight, you felt you could no longer go and do amateur music nights. Have you been able to play much anymore and will we see you on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack?

Robert Pattinson: I’ve done a couple of things. I’ve always just been playing around. It was nice to be involved in the first one. I just saw Twilight on TV, for the first time, a few days ago, and when my song came on, I was just thinking that is so bizarre that I actually had a song in the movie. I’m amazed Catherine [Hardwicke] did. It really shows how none of us thought it was going to be so massive. I never thought people would buy the soundtrack. So, it’s a little more nerve-wracking now. I don’t know. Maybe.

Rob Pattinson cuts his hair!

SheKnows: We can’t help but notice you’ve cut your legendary hair. Any plans to incorporate the new short look into Edward’s persona for Breaking Dawn?

Robert Pattinson: I’m thinking maybe Edward got a haircut. That might be easier. But, yeah, I didn’t even think about that when I got it cut. That is a bit silly. Vampires can cut their hair. I like the idea of Edward having a shaved head in the last film. That’s pretty cool.

SheKnows: There is a new director for each of the Twilight films. What unique perspective did David Slade bring to Eclipse?

Robert Pattinson: I guess he was really fighting to make it not so solemn. In my eyes, Edward has been so calculated and everything is not rash, and David wanted to speed up the whole thing and make him more vulnerable.

SheKnows: Is it difficult for you as an actor to work with a new director when you guys kind of have a well-oiled Twilight machine?

Robert Pattinson: It’s interesting. With the first Twilight film, everyone had very specific ideas and everyone was butting heads the entire time. Then, when Chris Weitz came in for New Moon, he basically came in with the opinion that he liked the first one and he liked what the actors were doing, so he just followed along that road. Then, when David Slade came, he was like, "I want to do everything completely different and not like the first two. Let’s just do something completely different," which is good because then it’s challenging. It’s easy to get stagnant, if you play the same character. In New Moon, I felt like I was going a little bit deeper. And then, with Eclipse, I felt like I was doing a completely different movie and a completely different character.

Robert Pattinson: Edward versus Jacob

SheKnows: We love the scene in the tent with Edward and Jacob talking while Bella is sleeping. That’s where Jacob gets the "I’m hotter than you" line, but seriously, how was it filming that important scene while Kristen Stewart was just supposed to be sleeping?

Robert Pattinson: The first time we did that tent scene, I was really freaking out. I don’t know why. I think it had to do with claustrophobia because we were actually shooting in a tent. I just couldn’t get it together. I kept forgetting my lines and I was so nervous. I just wanted to punch anyone who was near me. We did about three takes and Kristen was supposed to be asleep on the floor, and she saw that I was freaking out. Halfway through the take, she suddenly opened her eyes and was just staring at me and kept trying to make me laugh.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Eclipse
SheKnows: Vampires, because they are dead, are accused in this film and across film history, as not having a soul. Do you think Edward Cullen has a soul?

Robert Pattinson: Yeah, definitely. I can’t remember who said it, but a soul and a heaven must exist because good people aren’t rewarded enough on earth. I always liked that idea, if that makes sense.


New Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with Telecine (Brazil)

Vote for the Teen Choice Awards! Rob is Nominated!

The 2010 Teen Choice Awards has a few new categories and Rob is nominated!

Best Liplock- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for New Moon
Best Chemisty- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for New Moon

Don't forget to vote for the other categores Rob and his films are nominated!

Best Actor(Fantasy) for New Moon
Best Actor(Drama) for Remember Me

Best Film (Fantasy) for New Moon
Best Film (Drama) for Remember Me

Vote Here

The show takes place on Aug 9th, 2010.

Eclipse special in Sugar Magazine!

NEW Pictures of Rob in LA Yesterday!

Robert Pattinson was decked out in Stussy gear for a meeting in LA yesterday with Dreamworks's Jeffrey Katzenberg. The Twilight actor had time off from working on Water for Elephants, but Rob still wasn't able to leave town to promote Eclipse.